No drugs (or Doctors) needed? (CrossFit ‘The Journal’)

Today I’m going to share a post from CrossFit ‘The Journal’: ‘Chronic disease; the rising tide’.  In a nutshell, it is written by an ER  Nurse (and owner of a CrossFit Affiliate).  He tells a story about a 21 year old female who arrives to the ER in critical – diabetic ketoacidosis.


I’d really like you to read the article and give our current medical situation some deep thought.  Is the ‘profession’ for the most part controlled by big pharma?  Have we gone in the wrong direction by prescribing medications over diet and exercise?  Where is all of this leading up?

It has been proven over and over (dare I say, over and over some more) again that correcting a diet and increasing exercise saves lives, reduces and often eliminates the dependency on drugs and leads to a longer, better lived life.  Big pharma in North America continues to grow beyond imaginable proportions; in 2014 Insulin alone had estimated revenues of $24 Billion and it is expected to reach $50 Billion by 2020 unless something major changes.

Is it also not interesting that Obesity and other ‘food’ related health issues also continue to grow, yet instead of treating these diseases with diet and exercise, drugs are prescribed.  Should we be questioning the ethics of our medical system or at the very least those of big pharma?

We’d be keen to hear your thoughts.  Please comment and share with us.