Here is the secret to Weight Loss!


manaquin thinking

So, I was looking over my list (it’s starting to grow each day) of topics I want to share info about.  Not really feeling that ‘loving feeling’ about any of them today….. when out of no where, this little gem landed on my desk.

I am very privileged to be in a position where I get to help people achieve their goals,specifically surrounding their health and wellness.  As someone who has struggled, gone through setbacks, rebounded, yoyo’d, got back up, got hit back down, was the poster child for ‘unhealthy and stressed’, I have likely tried or researched every quick fix and new concept out there.  I think I can finally say after all this time – I’ve figured out a lot of stuff which if asked, I’m happy to share.



The one question that I get asked the most is ‘how can I lose this fat?’ (pointing to an area of concern)  That question kinda makes me sad.  I remember asking it of coaches, trainers, dietitians and doctors myself.  I recall the endless amount of bs that I was told as a reply.  It sucks that it took me so long to figure out the answer everyone wants to know.

Here it is folks.  The Weight Loss Secret (click here and settle in to watch, right to the end)  Finally.  A bit of a warning though, you’re not going to want to believe what you hear.  Want to chat about what you are about to watch…. send me a note.


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