Is your workout schedule killing your results? (aka often more is not better)

Working with a wide variety of folks with even a wider spectrum of goals I almost always need to have a chat sooner or later about how much to exercise and why they are not seeing the results they had hopped for.

For years it was believed that cardio, lots and lots of cardio was the best way to loose weight, decrease body fat and reach goals faster.  Then there was the reasoning that ‘you can’t out run a bad diet’, so just eat better and you’ll reach your goals.

Closeup image of a woman working out on simulator

To run your butt off or not basically remains the question.

Coming from a place of hands on knowledge, I give you this to consider – Balance!  Yep – eat to sustain and train to gain.

I can go on about this, showing you examples and standing on my soap box, or I could give you this great article from a renowned and trusted source Precision Nutrition.

Want some help figuring out what’s best for you?  Send us a note and we’ll have a chat, we likely have a recommendation of avenue for you to get the smart info you need.