What’s at your breakfast table?

I know many of you are on the run in the morning and for some of you, taking time to eat your breakfast seems impossible.  There have also lots of folks who find they can nicely go without a morning meal and still feel amazing throughout the day.  Others however find by mid morning any type of food will do, often in the form of ‘fast’, ‘processed’ or ‘sugary’ – just try to resist that food addition in the Starbucks line up when your tummy is growling and your head is in a fog.

So now that you are going to commit to breakfast, what should that be?  Once again, there are so many studies it’s hard to figure out.  I tend towards the concept that if you ‘eat’ you breakfast instead of drinking it, you get more bang for your buck.  Here is an excellent short article explaining why chewing your food is much better then drinking it.