Age is no longer an Excuse

It wasn’t that long ago that our Doctors and health advisers were telling us to ‘take it easy’, ‘slow down’, ‘don’t lift anything heavy’ after the age of 50.  That advice has been thrown out the window and thankfully made room for new data.  In fact respected research indicates that ‘there is no noticeable decline in physical abilities until about the age of 70, as long as people stay active’.

On the heels of the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships this past weekend in Kelowna, I just need to take a few moments to get you thinking about trying something new.

canadian masters
Canadian Masters Weightlifting Athletes – Ally, Lynn, Sally, Don, Georgia (our wrangler), Kirst & Heather

A ‘Masters Athlete’ will most often be anyone over the age of 30 for most sports and 35 for others.  There is no upper age limit to the competitive Master.  Recently at the World Masters Games, Man Kaur, a 101-year-old Indian athlete took that award.  This past weekend we had competitors in the 82+ bracket.

What makes someone want to compete in a sport as they age?  Initially researchers felt the motivation was the social opportunities.  However yet another recent study found that social interaction, though nice, was way down the list of reasons.

  1. Personal challenge and achievement
  2. Opportunity to compete
  3. Fitness
  4. Enjoyment of the sport
  5. Health
  6. Social

So, have you thought that you might like to change your outlook on sport and consider becoming a competitor?  It is never too late to pick up a new sport or get back into one that you have always loved.  Training with a purpose is so rewarding in so many different ways.  Questions about how to get started?  Simply send me an note.

bc masters
BC Masters, March 2017

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