Tough Love Tuesday

You had an amazing weekend, weather was good, you got outside a bit, started feeling a bit more alive. With the onset of spring comes the human desire to grow and change, to board-1521347_1920do something that has been pushed off. This likely happened to you, in some way. You may have even had a few conversations with those close to you, perhaps a random serendipitous moment that affirmed your new convictions.

Now it’s Monday….. you bore head on into the week. You fire out a few emails and reach out to something that will help with the awakened desire you seek. It’s going to be an amazing week, new beginnings, change is in the air, growth smells so sweet. By Monday evening though, there is a heaviness in the atmosphere, its been a long day. Who would have thought all the energy you had at the beginning of the day would be gone. Your feet are heavy and you don’t even want to contemplate those thoughts you had way back in the weekend. You plump your butt down on the couch and turn on the TV (or you open the laptop and stare into the screen), you wonder how those other people do it, how do they find the energy. You conclude that life just must be easier for them, you just have so many burdens that they don’t. Oh well…. tomorrow’s another day.

Now it’s Tuesday morning and not just any Tuesday morning. It’s Tough Love Tuesday! Here’s some facts I’d like you to get your head around.

1) 67% of those who get a gym membership will never use it.

2) 8% of the people who set goals, achieve them (that’s 92% who don’t).

3) The #1 reason people fail (at whatever) is they give up.

4) It takes 6 weeks of consistency to form a life changing good habit.

Let’s spin this the other way.

1) It takes commitment to make change.

2) All change comes at a cost.

3) It’s going to get uncomfortable along the way.

4) No one believes in you as much as you do.

5) All problems have a solution.

So Tuesday can go one of two ways. Those things that excited you so much over the weekend, those things that you thought about on Monday morning; they can go in one of two directions. You can forget about them, those actions (change, growth, etc) are for someone who has ______ (insert: more time, more money, more energy, more support).


Those things you were so excited about are one step closer today, then they were yesterday. I personally believe that the #1 reason people don’t follow through is that they are scared – of the unknown. I know this because I’m no different from you. I’ve had the best ideas and intentions and I’ve failed to follow through too. Though along the way I’ve come to learn that I have two options; be content or be courageous. Being courageous is often so scary it’s paralyzing but a few deep breaths and the question… ‘what’s the worse that can happen’ will also put it into perspective.

Now, take that big deep belly breath. Lift your chin. Drive forward. Make Tuesday the ‘change day’ of your week!


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