Boom – time to shatter your beliefs

I (Body Centric) believe that we (humans) do not need to accept the limitations of pain, restrictions of movement and fear get in the way of us (humans) living the life we choose to live.

Happy children together splashing water


I (Body Centric) challenge current beliefs of ‘it’s just the way it is’, ‘its’ an age thing’ and ‘my Doctors says so’ and look for ways that we (humans) can fix our physical (body) and mental (how we see things, what we believe) selves, moving through and beyond our limitations.



I (Body Centric) unearth, learn and incorporate holistic approaches to wellness; Mobility (of joints, body, function), Strength (the new range of motion, joints, neuromuscular), Movement (incorporating mobility and strength to move and function without pain and restrictions) and Performance (do everything better; daily functions, sports, life). I (Body Centric) offer personal training, workplace wellness and small group classes to share this knowledge and give you a toolbox to fix yourself.

We (All Humans) have the ability to live without pain and limitations.  It doesn’t come in a pain med prescription or a doctor who is telling you that you have no other choice.  It isn’t as easy as swallowing a pill, it will take effort and commitment.  Be brave, ask questions keep seeking the answers – live the life you want to live!  Stand up and punch those old ways of thinking and giving up in the nose – BOOM!


No drugs (or Doctors) needed? (CrossFit ‘The Journal’)

Today I’m going to share a post from CrossFit ‘The Journal’: ‘Chronic disease; the rising tide’.  In a nutshell, it is written by an ER  Nurse (and owner of a CrossFit Affiliate).  He tells a story about a 21 year old female who arrives to the ER in critical – diabetic ketoacidosis.


I’d really like you to read the article and give our current medical situation some deep thought.  Is the ‘profession’ for the most part controlled by big pharma?  Have we gone in the wrong direction by prescribing medications over diet and exercise?  Where is all of this leading up?

It has been proven over and over (dare I say, over and over some more) again that correcting a diet and increasing exercise saves lives, reduces and often eliminates the dependency on drugs and leads to a longer, better lived life.  Big pharma in North America continues to grow beyond imaginable proportions; in 2014 Insulin alone had estimated revenues of $24 Billion and it is expected to reach $50 Billion by 2020 unless something major changes.

Is it also not interesting that Obesity and other ‘food’ related health issues also continue to grow, yet instead of treating these diseases with diet and exercise, drugs are prescribed.  Should we be questioning the ethics of our medical system or at the very least those of big pharma?

We’d be keen to hear your thoughts.  Please comment and share with us.

Why train your glutes?

The ‘gluteals are a pretty dynamic group of muscles, three of them in fact; gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. They work together with various other muscles to allow movement through the hip.  If they are not working as they were designed to work, something else in our body needs to make up for them.  Pretty simple.

Man having a back pain

Having poor development of the glutes could be they are weak or they don’t work optimally, this could mean that other various joints will suffer (including the spine, shoulder, knee, ankle).  Yes, the glutes (or lack of well enough developed glutes) could be causing that knee twinge, lower back ache or even that shoulder issue you are complaining about.

So before I get into actual glute training exercises (that’s for another day), I want first to give you a few more benefits of training those lovely three muscles.

  1. Better movement: your gait (stride) will improve, you’ll find you move with more ease and more power.
  2. Reduction in lower back pain: if your glutes are strong enough to support both your movement requirements, your smaller muscles of the lower back won’t need to compensate.
  3. Knee pain will be reduced or eliminated: the glutes work in harmony with other muscles to control movement through and around your knee, if they are not able to do their job, pain can (and will) likely show up in or around the knee.
  4. Better lower body alignment thorough better hip stabilization: this reduces the occurrence of shin splints, ACL tears and sprains, IT band tightness and even Planter Fasciiltis.
  5. Burn more calories, efficiently: when you work and develop your glutes, you are working the biggest muscle group in the human body.
  6. Well trained glutes = nice butt:  need I say more.

Now running off and doing 100’s of squats, though great for strengthening these three essential muscles, there are some things that you should address first.    Number one should be your mobility.  If the joints required to move while you work to strengthen are all gummed up, guess what, there are more problems heading your direction.  Secondly is choosing the right exercise for you; hip bridges, squats (front or back, low or high bar), lunges, deadlifts or a combination of all.  Next time!  Can’t wait that long… reach out to me and I’ll give you some direction.

Here is the secret to Weight Loss!


manaquin thinking

So, I was looking over my list (it’s starting to grow each day) of topics I want to share info about.  Not really feeling that ‘loving feeling’ about any of them today….. when out of no where, this little gem landed on my desk.

I am very privileged to be in a position where I get to help people achieve their goals,specifically surrounding their health and wellness.  As someone who has struggled, gone through setbacks, rebounded, yoyo’d, got back up, got hit back down, was the poster child for ‘unhealthy and stressed’, I have likely tried or researched every quick fix and new concept out there.  I think I can finally say after all this time – I’ve figured out a lot of stuff which if asked, I’m happy to share.



The one question that I get asked the most is ‘how can I lose this fat?’ (pointing to an area of concern)  That question kinda makes me sad.  I remember asking it of coaches, trainers, dietitians and doctors myself.  I recall the endless amount of bs that I was told as a reply.  It sucks that it took me so long to figure out the answer everyone wants to know.

Here it is folks.  The Weight Loss Secret (click here and settle in to watch, right to the end)  Finally.  A bit of a warning though, you’re not going to want to believe what you hear.  Want to chat about what you are about to watch…. send me a note.

What Ants, a dead Wasp and Tim Ferris have in common

board-2161880_1920So, it’s Saturday morning.  It’s truly my only day off of the week.  I don’t teach, train or work on my business.  I get up when I feel like it (usually when the sun beckons me), I do 1/2 hour of mobility or conditioning (it’s not training, I do it just because it makes my old body feel better), have a leisurely breakfast and almost always enjoy my coffee with a relaxing hot tub and a book.

This morning I pop open the lid and peer inside (never get into a hot tub without checking out what’s floating in it) and there’s something on the bottom.  Closer examination and it’s a drowned Wasp.  I scoop it out, it lands on the deck around the tub, I climb in.

I’ve been reading Tim Ferris’ Tools of Titans (I committed in January to read a book a month that would help me be better at something; lifting, living, understanding others, coaching – you get it.  Btw I was on track until I hit this book… it’s very big….  it might throw me off course, though so far, so good).  It’s a great book and what I think I am getting the most out of it is the theme that I need to slow down, be observant and maybe lighten up a wee bit on myself.  I highly recommend it.  Besides Tim is a great writer, he’s funny and so are the people he interviews.

Back to the Ant.  So, I finish my coffee and just before I pop out of the water I remember I’ve put a dead insect on my deck and I really would rather not step on it.  I look over the edge and can’t see the carcass.  WTH?  I peer a little closer though and see a mass of Ants.  Wee ones, scurrying about.  Then from between the deck boards, up comes the carcass, being pulled along by 3 little Ants.  They drag it rather quickly along the top and then drop it into another space between boards.  Oh oh, the Wasp seems to get stuck, I can see it jammed into a spot and there is tree debris blocking the path, looks like end of the journey to drag the carcass home has come.

I have to watch, I even consider reaching down and giving it a nudge.  Just as I lean over to intervene, two more Ants show up, one is pulling the debris out of the path, the other two are tugging on the carcass.  Pop, it comes loose and they drag what I assume will be dinner under the deck.  All I’ve got is ‘WOW’.

Made me think….  as humans, how often do we use the resources around us to hit our goals?  Our big fat egos often get in the way, to ask for help would be equivalent to admitting we are not strong, smart or capable enough.  I think we all need to take a lesson from the Ants be it in our quest to change something about our lives, get stronger or maybe do something that we believe we can’t…. like taking on a new business.

Thanks Tim Ferris for giving me access to so many people who graciously share their ‘secrets’ (aka their nuggets of advice).  Oh and I’m the section of ‘procrastination’ – so instead of thinking….. ‘hey there is a good story about these Ants and the Wasp, I’ll maybe blog about it someday’, I walked into my office, sat down and here you have it.  Happy Saturday everyone!

** Tim Ferris, author of ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ – read it if you haven’t already.  He also has a great Podcast:

Is your workout schedule killing your results? (aka often more is not better)

Working with a wide variety of folks with even a wider spectrum of goals I almost always need to have a chat sooner or later about how much to exercise and why they are not seeing the results they had hopped for.

For years it was believed that cardio, lots and lots of cardio was the best way to loose weight, decrease body fat and reach goals faster.  Then there was the reasoning that ‘you can’t out run a bad diet’, so just eat better and you’ll reach your goals.

Closeup image of a woman working out on simulator

To run your butt off or not basically remains the question.

Coming from a place of hands on knowledge, I give you this to consider – Balance!  Yep – eat to sustain and train to gain.

I can go on about this, showing you examples and standing on my soap box, or I could give you this great article from a renowned and trusted source Precision Nutrition.

Want some help figuring out what’s best for you?  Send us a note and we’ll have a chat, we likely have a recommendation of avenue for you to get the smart info you need.

What’s at your breakfast table?

I know many of you are on the run in the morning and for some of you, taking time to eat your breakfast seems impossible.  There have also lots of folks who find they can nicely go without a morning meal and still feel amazing throughout the day.  Others however find by mid morning any type of food will do, often in the form of ‘fast’, ‘processed’ or ‘sugary’ – just try to resist that food addition in the Starbucks line up when your tummy is growling and your head is in a fog.

So now that you are going to commit to breakfast, what should that be?  Once again, there are so many studies it’s hard to figure out.  I tend towards the concept that if you ‘eat’ you breakfast instead of drinking it, you get more bang for your buck.  Here is an excellent short article explaining why chewing your food is much better then drinking it.